Want to be able to run pain free?

At RunRX, Head Coach Valerie Hunt has been training people in person and virtually for over a decade. We have been able to help frustrated, injured runners develop the skills, strength and self-care needed to run with correct running form and be pain free for life.

Sounds too good to be true?

Read what our students have to say.

"Before RunRX I was told I had compression syndrome and papillary issues and needed surgery on both my legs to MAYBE fix numbness in both feet. I did Valerie's online course and with all I learned and working on my drills and thinking up up up and relaxing my upper body I can finally run a good 5K with zero numbness. The relaxed ankle is huge!"

"Just wanted to give you an update since I first did RunRX (Course) with you. Over in Ireland at the moment on holidays and doing a triathlon each weekend. Last weekend I improved my run time by 30 seconds per km from the previous week.. all by focusing on the pose fall pull... and relaxing through my upper body. Thank you so much!!!"

"That's why I signed up for the course. This clinic got me hooked but I was not able to really progress on my own, though I tried. I need your guys and am soooo grateful for you and this course."

"Run for the first time in 16 months with no foot pain!!! So glad I did this program rather than surgery. It was totally worth it!! SO grateful and hopeful with this program and Valerie's coaching."

"First 5k run after almost three years of not running. Average cadence 181 steps per minute. No effort, just pose-fall-pull. Wearing minimalist shoes with no cushioning. Feels weightless and light. Thank God for gravity! Thank you coach Valerie Hunt for teaching me how to run!"

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've followed RunRX for a while you know that we give you quick 10-15 second drills to help you try something new with your practice. But in the course we put it all together in a step-by-step method that gives you the HOW to put it all together.

We've been able to put the information you need to be successful by just adding 30 minutes to your training, this doesn't even have to be all at once but throughout the day. 

Consistent small effort brings forth great results - check check out the testimonials from previous students.

Valerie is available in the course every day. Our goal is to help you master the techniques and mechanics that will bring you success now and in the future.

Stop being frustrated and waiting to heal!

Let us help you get back out there and feel the joy of running and the physical and mental well-being that put you on this path to begin with.