Want to run pain free?

We teach you how to run any speed or distance pain free using skill, strength and self care.

Be part of the RunRX movement to help all runners RUN PAIN FREE.


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SKILLS correct running form before the injury starts.

STRENGTH supports the movement to maintain proper form.

SELF-CARE maintains mobility so that our bodies can keep moving.

Gravity is free - more people should use it.

Gravity acts on the general center of mass (GCM) which is the center of the body, or what we say "hips" as reference point. Body falls from running pose, (ears-shoulders-hips-lifted-ankle in line, body weight on the ball of the foot). When GCM passes over ball of support foot, time to pull. Higher angle of fall means that the foot has to respond quicker (cadence increases) to keep up with falling body. Gravity lands lifted foot, you need to be prepared to pull.

Get our 5-Day Free Challenge when you join the wait list for the next course!

"I really wanted to say thank you for showing us correct running forms... last three runs I tried to follow your technique and as a result my cadence increased fro 170 to 180. Last few years I tried many things to change my cadence but nothing worked...I am really thankful to you now... "

"We did a running clinic with RUNRX and learned so much knowledge on form, BUT then we took that knowledge and applied it to practicing running, right there, Wow! Valerie is amazing, patient and someone to learn from and JUST ENJOY RUNNING WITHOUT PAIN!"

"You have been a life changer in the running game for me! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and allowing everyone the opportunity to learn properly. This wasn't something taught in my gym class, or even during all those years of playing soccer."

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Valerie has been a strength and conditioning coach for 20+ years. She spent the first part of her career in a traditional gym as a personal trainer and aerobics director/teacher. In 2001 she left to open her own gym, XpressFItness, a group workout studio combining strength and endurance for runners ….


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