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SKILLS correct running form before the injury starts.

STRENGTH supports the movement to maintain form.

SELF-CARE maintains mobility so that our bodies can keep moving.

Looking to Bring the Joy Back to Running?

   Do you keep getting side lined by the same injury over and over? 

   Do you want to be able to increase your speed without killing yourself? 

   Do you want to be able to to just go out for an hour and run, and feel like you got in more than 1-2 miles?

   Have you been following Valerie for a while but no one in your running group understands you?

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How Does it Work?

321Run is based on the Pose Method that teaches the fundamentals of the correct gait cycle. By working through teaching Pose • Fall • Pull, we are able to correct your form through skill training. Then we strengthen your body to maintain the skill and use self-care to work through the injury. 

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Step 1. Login Daily

A new Skills, Strength & Self-Care is released every week day.

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Step 2. Do the Work

Each day will only take about 10-15 minutes. We will go through different content each day.

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Step 3. Maintain Momentum

Continue adding the practice and build on your previous work to stay injury free.

On Your Schedule

You will receive content every day! Don't have the time to login every day? No problem. You can take each week's concepts and integrate just the Skill, Strength and Self-Care into your current training and build on your progress.


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Where You Are

As life-long runners we understand that our training goes through phases. Race training can get intensive. Injury and life can side line your goals. We are used to starting over. Every day is 'Groundhog Day' at RunRX so you can come in and restart anytime!


Membership Journey

Mindset Makeover

The hardest thing to do as adults is to not be good at something, especially a new movement as common as running. We will start with a few conversations about mindset and being coach-able.

321Run Core Content

Start your journey with a deep intensive into what is the 321Run concept. This self-paced course gives your the language and concepts to begin your practice with the community.

Private Community

Access to a community of like minded runners who understand the challenges of doing something most runners don't do: skills, strength and self-care.

Symptom Relief Library

We have compiled all of the videos that have been on social media and part of our course for the last 8 years. They are tagged and searchable to help you with your specific issues.

What Do Our Students Say

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Laurie Barber

I developed severe pain in my left knee that was finally diagnosed as osteoarthritis. My personal trainer suggested that I look at the RunRX Facebook page. So I did and did the free course and then the 321. As I began to use the pose, fall, pull with better proficiency the pain went away and has not returned! As an added bonus through all of the coaching and drills with feedback from Valerie, I am consistently running faster than ever even in the extreme heat and humidity of Qatar.

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Chris Martin

I have learned so much working with Valerie. I’m so glad I found RunRX! I’ve learned the fundamentals of running and I’ll be able to utilize these skills for the rest of my life! I’m now able to run pain free and it’s even less effort!

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Jose Carlos Juarez Guatemala

Hi, I'm Jose Juarez from Guatemala and I found the group on Instagram. At that moment I was training for my first marathon and I got injuries often. When the training was on 60km per week I has a injurie on my right knee 45 days before the event. So I take the full course with Valerie and Caroline. 100% recommended. The pain ended after learn the techniques. Improve my health, cadence and now I enjoy running and I took it into my lifestyle..

More Student Stories
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Early this year, I discovered running as my new found hobby but shortly after I would experience pain after each run. I’m thankful to have found RunRx with Valerie. After taking her course and working with Valerie, something finally clicked and now my running is pain free and I’m enjoying each run even more. I have a lot to improve on and am excited to continue a pain free running journey with Coach Valerie! Thank you Valerie for keeping the love of running in my life!

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Anne Weir

Valerie takes you through the run-pain-free journey step be step and her clarity and enthusiasm is second to none. It is not stressful and not too intense but it’s effective and achievable. I have learned how essential strength and self-care are and not just running the miles. All the tools are accessible, support is always there and all you need to do is tap in. Thank you Team RunRX

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I started the journey of running about a year ago and it seemed like every few months I was resting to recover from an injury. It was a frustrating cycle and I knew based on following Valerie on Instagram that my form was off. Since going through her course I’ve grown so much and gained so much knowledge on the gait cycle, my job as a runner, and how to take care of myself through self-care. I’m no longer experiencing knee pain or shin splints and I’m amazed at how my body instinctively does pose, fall, pull now. I’ve even been able to run a PR with no pain. I can’t express how thankful I am for Valerie’s teaching and patience- completing Valerie’s course and learning from her has been a game changer for me!


Not Your Ordinary Running Group


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Weekly Interactive Coaching

Get coached in a virtual clinic once a week so you can ask questions live.

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5-Day Challenges

Join the group with periodic challenges that focus on creating a habit.

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No Speed Shaming

We are about running pain free and not about speed. No running snobs. 

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Submit for Feedback

At certain points in your journey you can get free video analysis. 

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Monthly Give-Away

When you complete all 10 challenges for the month you will be entered to win a 20-min 1:1 coaching from Valerie.

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Monthly Live Virtual Party

Get together and talk about gear, trails, best races. Guest content will be featured.

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