Want to Host a Clinic?

One of the best ways to build a community is to host a clinic. Let Valerie and the RunRX coaches come and work with your group so that you all start your training running pain free.


We can discuss local events or we can come to you!

The coaches at RunRX are dedicated to building a community of healthy runners. With a focus on proper mechanics and strategic training plans, our prescriptions will have you running farther, faster, and stronger while promoting injury prevention. Come join our community and share our passion! Whatever you need for excellent running, we’ve got your prescription!

July 20th 2019 

18484 Preston Road #103, Dallas, Texas 75252

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Sept 21st 2019 

ATO CrossFit
1630 N HWY 118, Richfield, UT, 84701

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Frequently Asked Questions

You get an in-person gait analysis and with it we teach the mechanics of running by using drills, functional strength training that includes hips, foot and everything else around running such as self-care and injury prevention. Foam rolling, stretching and how to implement the skills and self-care in your training.

If you do have an injury, we would still highly recommend coming to the clinic for a couple of reasons. One is if you work on your skill while you're recovering from your injury, you're going to come back to running and prevent that injury from coming back. Even if you can't do all of the drills in the clinic, I can show you how to work the drills while you're injured. And then how to correct as you get out of that injury.

The greatest part about the RunRX clinic is there's really very little running. What that means is that we learn the running and we're learning a new movement and we're learning a new technique. Like anything else, which you'll do a lot of this drills and then practice drills and then practice. So you'll probably see that taking a lot of steps so there's no distance running. So I promise that you don't have to have any prior running experience and you'll still enjoy the clinic.

Yes. I to prepare yourself for a clinic, a couple of things.


One is to really get your feet and ankles ready. You're going to bounce for the day. So I recommend, you know, already starting some ankle circles, ball of foot hops, going through the three to mine on the sites. Have a little background on what it is you're going to do.

If you would like to host a clinic, we need a minimum number of 10 participants to make the clinic happen, and we look at a cap of about 20 if we think we're going to have more than 20 will either schedule a second clinic or I'll bring in an extra coach.

Yes. In order to host a clinic, all you need is all I need really is a space that I can have for everyone to come inside to discussion, to watch the gait analysis. We need a plug and a rest room and then the only space I need for running is really about 50 to 100 meters; parking lots work really well.


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